Adult Studies to Use with Kids’ Curriculum

Yes, the adults in your church or small group could study Pilgrim’s Progress along with the children! How?

Order a Teacher’s Manual for the small-group leader, elder, or pastor who will lead the study. The manual gives Scripture passages, teaching points, questions for review, and other essential Bible background. A leader can easily take this information and turn it into a great adult discussion time, covering the biblical themes of the chapter.

There are two other excellent resources we recommend for adults:

John Musselman, The Jackson Institute

John Musselman adult bookThe theological editor and consultant for this project, John Musselman, has studied Pilgrim’s Progress for many decades and has written a faithful translation of the original into modern English with accompanying group study questions and lecture notes. Books are available from The Jackson Institute to order and PDFs for free downloads,

—> Click here to download a handy guide to match up John Musselman’s chapters with the kids’ curriculum. Feel free to distribute it to your adult classes and children’s ministry leaders!


Derek W. H. Thomas, Ligonier Ministries

Ligonier-Thomas studyDerek W. H. Thomas and Ligonier Ministries has produced an online course through their adult studies ministry titled Ligonier Connect. It includes lectures by Thomas and is based on an old English translation of the book. DVDs, CDs, and other materials are available here and at

—> Click here to see how to plan a 13-week study for your adults and kids at the same time!

Dr. Thomas has endorsed our book and even recommended it during his presentation at a recent Ligonier National Conference.

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