Pilgrim's Progress adapted for children

“Brilliantly illustrated, this rewrite of Bunyan’s classic on the Christian life should anchor gospel truth in many children’s hearts, especially if read aloud to them and talked over with them.”
—J. I. Packer

pp-home-capture your children’s imaginations
and introduce them to John Bunyan’s enduring
masterpiece with this ALL-NEW children’s
adaptation of The Pilgrim’s Progress!

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Download a sample chapter from the book!Take your children on a journey with Christian while
learning important truths of the gospel and gaining a
richer understanding of Christ’s work in the life of a believer.


Designed for ages 6 to 12
• 13 chapters with Glossary and Glossary Index
• Over 50 stunning original illustrations
• Full-color map of Christian’s journey
• Hardcover with dust jacket, 112 pages (6 x 9 inches)
• Great gift for children and grandchildren
• BONUS: Storybook included in Deluxe Classroom Kit!

Writer Anna Trimiew
Illustrator Drew Rose
Theological Editor John Musselman