John Bunyan wrote

his beloved classic The Pilgrim’s Progress in two parts, first published in London in 1678 and the second in 1684. He originally titled it The Pilgrim’s Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come. This book is a young reader’s adaptation of the first part of the book.

This version is designed to capture children’s imaginations and introduce them to Bunyan’s enduring masterpiece. It will captivate them as they follow Christian on his adventurous journey as well as teach them great biblical truths they can hold onto as they grow in faith.

Some of the scenes have been condensed, and the language has been rewritten to appeal to children. But the essence of the story is the same: one Christian’s walk of faith to the glorious goal.

Children will discover many important truths, including:

  • a deeper understanding of Christ and the gospel
  • the necessity of God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and other believers for teaching, instruction, encouragement, and support
  • the true definition of a Christian
  • a picture of the Christian life—a pilgrim’s journey with ups and downs, distractions, difficulties, and even feelings of being cut off from God as a believer presses toward the grand end
  • insight into the heart and character of Christians and those who only claim to know Christ

Your child may not remember all the details nor grasp all the allegorical concepts, but we pray they will come to love the story and truths that it illustrates. Our hope is that this sows a seed that will cause them to read the story again and again as they grow in faith and find encouragement and help in their own ongoing pilgrim’s progress. (from “About this Book,” p. 6)