Adult Study Guide

It’s not only the kids in your church who can benefit from the biblical truths in Pilgrim’s Progress but also the adults!

We recommend two great studies for the adults here, and of course you know about our 13-lesson curriculum for 2nd through 6th graders.

ChapterGuideHere’s a handy reference tool for those of you who are using John Musselman’s adult edition of Pilgrim’s Progress. It coordinates the 25 chapters of the Musselman edition with the 13 chapters of our children’s edition. It’s helpful for an intergenerational study of Pilgrim’s Progress.

You can order Musselman’s translation in modern English in print by contacting The Jackson Institute. PDFs of each chapter are also available on his website.

John Musselman introduces his edition of Pilgrim’s Progress here:

The Pilgrim’s Progress is, without question, a book to be read in solitude—in an environment that promotes quiet reflection and meditation. I would also argue that there is significant benefit in gathering a small group of believers to discuss Bunyan’s metaphors. Men, women, and students have been studying this edited version of The Pilgrim’s Progress for over 20 years. The study can easily be completed over a nine-month period. The material, which contains Bunyan’s Apology and 25 individual chapters, may be downloaded, after which it may be printed or saved to your favorite electronic reader. For printed copies, please contact the Jackson Institute.

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