Lesson 1 Game Option

Christian burdenAre you teaching the curriculum? Here’s a variation on the Burden Basket game (p. 18) in Lesson 1.

Have children write down the sin or wrongdoing as described in the lesson. Tape each paper to a large can of food. Have each student place the can in an old pillowcase with the words “heavy burden” written on it.

Repeat this process until the pillowcase is heavy with cans (sins). (If you have a small class, you may want to place a few additional cans in the pillowcase.)

Then have the children take turns carrying the pillowcase around the outside of the circle. Talk about how heavy this bag is to carry.

Say to the children: In our story Christian wants to get rid of his burden. Christian’s burden is the weight of sin. This heavy pillowcase filled with cans is heavy to carry, and the weight of sin in our lives is also heavy to carry; it is a burden we need to get rid of. As we follow Christian’s journey we will see if he gets rid of his burden and see who frees him of it.

Do you have other game ideas or variations? Share them with us below!

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  1. We just got Pilgrim’s Progress for our Sunday school. We are so excited about teaching the kids this curriculum. Thank u for your resources.

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