Pilgrim’s Progress in your ministry cycle

The Pilgrim’s Progress curriculum is designed to be used once a week for 13 weeks, perfect for one quarter of your church’s ministry calendar. Here are some great ideas for using it on a regular cycle in your church. And please share how you’re using it below. It will help others in ministry take their kids on a gospel adventure!


Repeating Every 3 Years

curr-sidebar-productsUse the curriculum with elementary kids in the summer and repeat 3 years later. For example, lead your 1st/2ndgraders through 5th/6th graders for 13 weeks this summer. Then, 3 years from now, your 1st/2nd graders will be 4th/5th graders. Those children will hear the story again but will grasp the truths and concepts in a much richer, deeper way.

Click here to read about more options for summer programs, including VBS.


Rotating with Kids’ Quest Catechism Club

You could also pair it up with Kids’ Quest Catechism Club! The catechism curriculum provides 72 weeks of lessons:

  • Beginning Kids’ Quest for preschoolers (4- to 5-year-olds)—36 weeks/3 quarters
  • Elementary Kids’ Quest for elementary children (1st through 4th grades)—36 weeks/3 quarters

KQCatechism-compositeYou could teach Pilgrim’s Progress this summer, then use Catechism Club as a weekly program for Fall, Winter, and Spring during midweek, Sunday morning, or Sunday evening.

Another option is to use Pilgrim’s Progress this summer, and then Catechism Club each summer after that for 3 years (one volume each summer).

Learn more about Kids’ Quest Catechism Club here! It’s a fun program that teaches children Bible truths using simple questions and answers. It covers essentials of the faith such as the attributes of God, sin, the covenant, Christ’s atonement, the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and much more.

View a free sample lesson here or request one by mail.


What about your Preschoolers?

Some people have asked about using Pilgrim’s Progress curriculum with preschoolers. Because of the necessary reading and comprehension levels, we don’t recommend using the curriculum with 4- and 5-year-olds. The On the Go papers are too advanced for preschoolers and are predicated on the child being able to read and write.

However, if you have a preschool class at the same time as the elementary Pilgrim’s Progress class, here’s an option for your 4- and 5-year-olds.

1. Play the Dramatic Reading CDs while the teacher shows the pictures from the Storybook as each page is read. (Note: Some of the voices, such as Apollyon and Giant Despair, may be too scary for your children; use your discretion.)

2. Review the Pilgrim’s Progress Teacher Manual for active games that could be adapted for younger children.

God's Story Bible Coloring Book

3. Reinforce the truths from the chapter with Bible stories. The God’s Story Bible Coloring Book is a helpful resource with both topical and scriptural indexes of coloring sheets and activities. It’s also reproducible!

What worked for you? Share your ideas here!

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