Making Pilgrim’s Progress Come Alive!

We were delighted to receive this feedback from Westview Gospel Chapel:

We so enjoyed using the Pilgrim’s Progress material for our group of 20+ students ranging from ages 6 to 12. My co-teacher did most of the creative part in re-creating the story each week with a new design. By the end of the 14 weeks, we had a room completely decorated with parts of the story and Bible verses to match.

Just think how these theatrical sets made the adventure story come alive, and imprint the truths of the Bible on these kids’ hearts! We especially love House Beautiful, the place where Christian receives encouragement from other believers: “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up” 1 Thessalonians 5:11a. 

And he needed it, because on his journey to the Celestial City, he and Faithful end up trapped in Doubting Castle: Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me?” Psalm 43:5a.

What powerful truths for kids to learn as they begin the journey of the Christian life! There will be hard, sad times, but our triune God provides everything we need to complete the walk of faith: encouragement from other believers, prayer, his Word, and Himself.

Check out these great photos and feel free to share with us how you’re teaching Pilgrim’s Progress! We have lots of great ideas here, including how to use as your summer program or a 1- or 2-week VBS.

Doubting Castle
House Beautiful







Armor of God
Vanity Fair













Interpreter’s House
Wicket Gate

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    • The Deluxe Student Packet for the curriculum has a lot of activity sheets, including coloring, word games, and more! They also teach the great truths of the gospel using points and illustrations from the story. It includes a softback storybook as well. GCP also publishes a huge coloring book with pictures of Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, and includes a Bible index and lots of extra activities as well! Check out the God’s Story Bible Coloring Book here…

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